Zhang Haimeng is a principal and managing partner at McKinsey Shanghai with a research focus on city development and planning, sustainable development and organizational transformation. His research reports have been utilized and implemented by both the commercial sector and government policy makers alike, consulting on topics from greenhouse gas reduction practices to water resource management, from urban redevelopment to smart city planning, and from organizational structure design to leadership and capability building. Zhang received his MBA from The University of Chicago and his B.S. in Economics from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Fast-Forward Future 2116

While our understanding of the future is heavily dependent on the development of known technologies, it is also increasingly influenced by the imaginations of innovators that perceive and anticipate important transformations in political, ecological, economic and social systems. The “Fast-Forward Future” Root Researcher team led by McKinsey Shanghai partner, Zhang Haimeng, designs an online, game-like social experiment to allow mobile device users to invest in the composition of the future. Over the course of ten weeks, the app invites participants to log-onto the platform through the social media and communication application, WeChat. In receiving a set amount of seed money, players can launch their own technology company by collecting crowd-funded capital from other players, or use their start up monies to invest in other player’s companies. Each week the game will advance by one decade, ultimately reaching 2116 at the end of the ten weeks. At the conclusion of the “century,” an artwork will be made to showcase the remarkable imaginations and inventions of its players.




Applied Sciences, Social Sciences

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