Alessandro Bava, “ECOCORE,” 2017, E-Journal, Dimensions variable. Shanghai Himalayas Museum installation view, 2017


ECOCORE is an irregularly published magazine edited by Alessandro Bava since 2011, which aims to explore the camouflaged souls of ecology. ECOCORE addresses the improper valuation given by hyperconsumption to shared, finite, natural resources. Relying on prettiness as a tool to convey its ideas, ECOCORE strives to furtively edit ecology’s muddled identity and environmental awareness. There are many new leading actors, decision makers, and partnerships that play increasingly important roles in what happens to the natural world. The proliferating complexity, immediacy, and ubiquity of environmental crises therefore demands novel and unusual human responses towards a new eco-governance.

Seeds of Time presents The Shanghai Edit, a special copy with a remix of contents from the first 5 issues of the ECOCORE zine, as well as specially commissioned new essays dealing with ecology in the Chinese context. Among all the different forms of the discussions, ECOCORE The Shanghai Edit takes that of a blown–up book situated vaguely in-between an artistic installation and a publication.

Alessandro Bava is an artist and architect based in London. He is the recipient of the 2015 Re Rebaudengo Serpentine Grant for emerging talent, he received one of the 2015 Graham Foundation grants for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts to Individuals, and in 2016 the MAK Scholarship in Los Angeles.

Alessandro Bava is also editor and founder of the ecology magazine ECOCORE and co-founder of åyr, an art collective whose work focuses on the contemporary evolution of domesticity and the home. Since 2014, he has run the design and creative direction studio Bava and Sons from London and Los Angeles.