Shanghai Project is pleased to announce the 12 finalists from the Qidian Open Call, who will have the opportunity to exhibit their work together with 12 international artists from 89plus project this September.

As an independent program of the Shanghai Project, Qidian is dedicated to featuring young undiscovered talents across China. For its first edition, we collaborated with 89plus, a long-term international research project co-founded by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets. Investigating the generation of innovators born in or after 1989, Qidian aims to bring together creative individuals of the jiulinghou generation from China and abroad, providing a unique opportunity to present and share thought-provoking ideas.

This year, Qidian received a large number of strong proposals, not only from the field of art, but also design, architecture, music and media technology. An international team of juries, composed of artistic directors Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Yongwoo Lee, curators Simon Castets, Yan Xiaodong, Zhang Hanlu, Sooyoung Leam and artist aaajiao nominated 12 outstanding applicants, whose proposals responded to Shanghai Project’s theme of “Envision 2116” both in creative and critical manners.

The 12 finalists are:

Birth Year
Weiyi Hu 胡为一 1990 Shanghai/Shanghai
Jingying Huang 黄晶莹 1992 Fujian/Shanghai
Shipeng Xu 许世鹏 1990 Liaoning/Shanghai
Ming Ling 凌明 1989 HK/Shanghai
Kai Zhou 周恺 1990 Sichuan/Sichuan
Wei Hu 胡伟 1989 Dalian / Beijing
Bingyi Feng 冯冰伊 1991 Zhejiang/Shanghai
Wenjia Wang 王文佳 1990 Jiangxi/Shanghai
Lifeng Lin 林立峰 1990 Shanxi/Hangzhou
Lewei Huang 黄乐玮 1994 Shanghai/Shanghai
Wei Luo 罗苇 1989 Guangzhou/Beijing
Zi Wang 王梓 1995 Shanxi/Shanghai
89PLUS  finalists
Alex Dolan 1990 USA
Philip Timischl 1989 Austria
Tabita Rezaire 1989 Paris/ French Guyanese-Danish
Bogosi Sekhukhuni 1992 South Africa
Sarah Abu Abdallah 1990 Saudi Arabia
Valia Fetisov 1989 Russia
Zou Zhao 1989 China
Ho Rui An 1990 Singapore
Max Hawkins 1990 USA
Bruno Zhu 1991 portugal
Alexandro Bava (exh design) 1989 UK


Congratulations to all finalists and a warm thank you to all those who took part in Qidian.