The Shanghai Project is a yearlong ideas platform to think, discuss, relate and act on the sustainability of our futures in the 22nd century.

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Envision Pavilion | Shanghai Project Pavilion
Scaffolding plan, 2016, Sou Fujimoto Architects


  • m space tree

    CPP | Witness micro changes in the city of Shanghai

    Architect, founder of Wutopia Lab and proud native of Shanghai, Yu Ting co-initiated the Urban Micro Space Revival Plan with a mission to revitalize small urban spaces in his beloved city. He has since renovated a number of places, converting each space into a personal narrative that reflects the hopes and…


  • 0 One person's Gallery

    CPP | Architecture meets gastronomy

    Situated in the greenery of the former French concession, with a floor area of only 100 square meters, M Space is a two-storied, quasi-Borgesian structure referred to as a "cave" by architect Yu Ting, who recently renovated the place as part of his Urban Micro Space Revival Plan. The first level of the…


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    CPP | A changing Shanghai on film

    Hidden in Jing'an's labyrinth of alleys, Chabrol Cafe has earned a steady following since it began hosting a series of nightly movie screenings. The cafe now also houses a cozy B&B in what used to be an old storage room, transformed with the help of Yu Ting, architect and founder of Wutopia, as part of his…



  • 2016.7.11 | ANNOUNCEMENT

    Qidian Finalists Announced

    Shanghai Project is pleased to announce the 12 finalists from the Qidian Open Call, who will have the opportunity to exhibit their work together with 12 international artists from 89plus project this September. As an independent program of the Shanghai Project, Qidian is dedicated to featuring young undiscovered talents across…


  • 2016.7.7 | IN THE PRESS

    Global Times: “Sowing seeds for art and life”

    By Sun Shuangjie Source:Global Times Published: 2016-3-29 18:28:01 Original publish link : click here  Shanghai Project’s forward look seeks break from conventional biennales The multi-discipline biennale Shanghai Project has announced its inaugural session for later this year. With "2116" as its theme, organizers aim to put on "an ideas platform"…


  • 2016.7.6 | UNCATEGORIZED

    About Shanghai Himalayas Museum

    Established by Shanghai Zendai Group in 2005, the Shanghai Himalayas Museum (formerly known as Shanghai Zendai MoMA) is a privately-funded, non-profit art institute focusing on art exhibition, education, collection, research and academic exchanges. With vision and an open mind, the museum plays an active role in cultural and art developments,…