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Chapter 2, Seeds of Time (2017.4.22-7.30)


Envision Pavilion | Shanghai Project
 Sou Fujimoto Architects, 2016


  • 2017.7.16

    Shanghai Project Marathon, Part 2

      2017.07.16 (Sun.) Keynote Speech by Hans Ulrich Obrist: 10:30am - 12:00pm Marathon Interviews: 1:30 - 6:00pm Sound Performance: 7:00pm The Shanghai Project Marathon Part 2, will take place at the Shanghai Himalayas Museum in the Seeds of Time FIELD. The atrium – designed by COLLECTIVE – acts as a…


  • 2017.6.24

    Control Theory Trilogy: How to Understand Death?

    2017.06.24 (Sat.), 15:00-17:30 Speaker: Wang Jun, Professor at the School of Philosophy, Zhejiang University; PhD, University of Wuerzburg Moderator: Jiang Jun Language: Chinese RSVP here. Understanding death is the original and ultimate quandary of life. Heidegger says that death when perceived from one's self is a definite and individual thing, while in…


  • 2017.6.18

    The Unknown Rite of Passage to Nirvana

    2017.06.18 (Sunday), 15:00-17:30 Speaker: Yu Zhejun, Associate Professor at the School of Philosophy, Fudan University; PhD, Institute for the Study of Religion, University of Leipzig, Germany Moderator: Jiang Jun Language: Chinese RSVP here. Although death is a rite of passage that everyone will experience, it becomes a collective taboo when…