The Shanghai Project is an ideas platform to think, discuss, relate and act on the sustainability of our futures in the 22nd century.

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Envision Pavilion | Shanghai Project
Scaffolding plan, 2016, Sou Fujimoto Architects


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    Walks & Talks, Learning Programs in the City on the City

    To get to the heart of a city, you need a good pair of shoes. Shanghai Project, in collaboration with Shanghai Flaneur, introduces a series of creative learning programs on a diversity of topics by using walking as a methodology, as part of the Shanghai Project Public Programs. RSVP link: Friday 9th September…


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    Children's Program | Seed Planet

    Shanghai Project Children’s Program, in collaboration with Rainbow Education, Shanghai Liu Geng Culture and Pudong Mobile Library, invites all children and their parents to the Seed Planet that landed on Century Park to play, draw, dance, read and explore. Shanghai Project Children’s Program Opening Event with Liu Yi and Rainbow…


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    Jifeng Series: Technology meets the future

    The Shanghai Project’s public program includes a wide range of public activities, including performances, film and video screenings, discursive programs and participatory events. These activities mainly takes place at the Envision Pavilion situated just outside the Himalayas Center; therefore the pavilion not only functions as an architectural object of curiosity, but a laboratory for the…



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    The Envision Pavilion

    INTRODUCTION TO THE ENVISION PAVILION   For the inaugural Shanghai Project’s “Envision Pavilion,” Sou Fujimoto creates a built environment where the natural and the man-made merge. From certain vantage points, the pavilion’s geometrical matrix appears to merge with the organic structure of the Arata Isozaki-designed Shanghai Himalayas Center, while the pavilion’s…


  • 2016.9.5 | ANNOUNCEMENT

    Retrospect: Shanghai Project Opening Day

    The first phase of the inaugural Shanghai Project opened on September 4th 2016 with the debut of Envision Pavilion. Shanghai Project serves as a platform to instigate new dialogues by inviting practitioners from a variety of disciplines, including not only liberal arts and social science, but art, science, technology, medicine and ecology, among others.Inaugural events for the first…


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    Opening Ceremony "From 2116: The New World"

    The Opening Ceremony on the inaugural day of Shanghai Project, From 2116: The New World, is an original Shanghai Project production and it has been a great success, thanks to the wonderful performance of all the cast. “From 2116: The New World” is a contemporary dance work which was premiered on September 4th, 2016, at…