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Envision Pavilion | Shanghai Project
 Sou Fujimoto Architects, 2016


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    SP x RAM | Symposium on Audiences

    Shanghai Project, organized by Shanghai Himalayas Museum, and and The Rockbund Art Museum are pleased to collaborate and jointly present an international conference, entitled‘AUDIENCES,’ on 25-26 March, 2017, in Shanghai. As the first initiative in China dedicated to the topic of audiences of contemporary art, this conference includes a symposium and a series of free-form…


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    Open call | Longtang Clan

      Producer: Hu Renyi Supported By: Shanghai Project, Shanghai Himalayas Museum Project Title: Longtang Clan Time: March 5, 2017, 2pm Supported by the Shanghai Project and the Shanghai Himalayas Museum, artist Hu Renyi is debuting the Longtang Clan—an interdisciplinary art project that calls for social engagement in the public places…


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    Screening| Festival of Francophonie

    Shanghai Project in collaboration with French Consulate, organize some screenings of french movies during "LA FETE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE 2017". The francophone cinema festival celebrates the richness and the diversity of the French-speaking world. This year's program contains 20 long and short films from 19 francophones states and governments. With…



  • 2017.3.21 | ANNOUNCEMENT

    Chapter 2 Opening Schedule

    Shanghai Project Chapter 2 Opening Weekend  21-23 April, 2017 April 21, 2017 Envision Pavilion 9:30-9:50 AM Conference Registration A Vision for the Future: Challenging the Realities of Today and the Impossibilities of Tomorrow The Shanghai Project conference is a discursive response to the themes represented in the “2116” exhibition. The…


  • 2017.3.13 | ANNOUNCEMENT

    Chapter 2 Public Programs

    Envision 2116 Shanghai Project Chapter 2 April 22–July 30, 2017 Taking Envision 2116 as the theme of its first two chapters, the Shanghai Project has been a laboratory for testing out the boundaries of existing assumptions about what ideas can do and how they might expand beyond the silos of…


  • 2016.9.21 | UNCATEGORIZED

    The Envision Pavilion

    INTRODUCTION TO THE ENVISION PAVILION   For the inaugural Shanghai Project’s “Envision Pavilion,” Sou Fujimoto creates a built environment where the natural and the man-made merge. From certain vantage points, the pavilion’s geometrical matrix appears to merge with the organic structure of the Arata Isozaki-designed Shanghai Himalayas Center, while the pavilion’s…